The Pennine Teaching School Alliance is an alliance of over sixty schools including secondary schools, primary schools, special school and PRU. We offer training and support for staff working in alliance schools throughout their career, from initial training through their first and second years of teaching and on to leadership roles.

The Alliance is led by Castle Hill Special, we have a responsibility to engage in the Big Three key areas of education:

  • Initial Teacher Training - ITT
  • Leading professional development
  • School to School Support

Through active participation in the three areas, alliance schools aim to provide a high quality education for our pupils and to remain at the forefront of educational research both addressing regional and national agendas.

Within the Pennine Teaching School alliance we are continually growing our number of system leaders with 6 National Leaders of Education (NLEs), 10 Local Leaders of Education (LLEs) and 49 Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs)

The West Yorkshire Teaching Alliance, along with the Pennine Teaching Alliance continues to support training and of the Kirklees Virtual School.

Working in close collaboration, the two teaching school alliances will support the Virtual School to implement their plans, providing extensive training and development opportunities for a wide range of staff, service providers and carers, as well as developing capacity within schools.

The role of the Virtual School is to track, monitor and ensure support for the progress of every looked after child (LAC), belonging to their local authority, as if they attended a single school, as well as to give support to professionals working with LAC placed in Kirklees by other local authorities.

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