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Moor End Academy and Castle Hill School and Roberttown J&I School are all Teaching Schools designated from the NCTL (National College for Teaching and Leadership) within the alliance. The Teaching School operates under ‘The Big Three’ – three areas of Teaching School development which supports a school led system which are outlined below. Jane Acklam OBE, Chief Executive Principal of Moor End Academy and Gill Robinson, Headteacher of Castle Hill School are both the Head of the Teaching School and The Pennine Alliance.

Strategic Lead for The Pennine Alliance: Kim Walton, Principal, Moor End Academy

The Pennine Alliance – The alliance has over 60 schools from Kirklees, Calderdale, Bradford and Hull with a combination of institutions from Secondary, Primary, Special and PRU.

Pennine Alliance has a wide range of system leaders with a variety of specialisms from curriculum, leadership and management, special educational needs and subject specific specialisms. Currently there are 6 National Leaders of Education (NLEs), 10 Local Leaders of Education (LLEs) and 50 Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs). The system leaders are deployed to deliver professional development as part of the alliance Continued Professional Development  packages, create and deliver bespoke packages for individual schools and also lead on school to school support plans and delivery. Throughout each academic year we have two Specialist leaders of Education recruitment rounds and recently we worked collaboratively with west Yorkshire Teaching school alliance to recruit Local leaders of Education.

In addition to the LA, Moor End Academy is  an Appropriate Body for NQT induction and works with schools in Kirklees, Oldham, Barnsley and Wakefield. There are a total of 61 NQT’s from 23 schools, 17 primary, 4 secondary and 2 special schools registered and expected to successfully complete their NQT year with us.  

The key performance indicators and updates are shown below:


The vison and mission of the Teaching school are clear, effectively communicated and complimentary of each other. The governors are knowledgeable and engaged in the work of the teaching school. There are clear objectives set within all action planning and monitoring carried out to ensure measurable impacts. All action planning has a clear focus on sustainability and capacity building.


Moor End Academies Trust has recently been accredited as a provider of ITT: The Huddersfield Horizon SCITT. The lead for ITT within the Teaching School successfully wrote the bid and the SCITT will now accredit the TS School Direct trainees as well as the SCITT core trainees. Significant partners across the TS (and indeed within another TS) were invited to become strategic partners of the SCITT and are now key decision makers in regards to the provision of ITT. Recruitment has been strategic to fulfil local and school based need, particularly in regards to the Salaried places and the changes towards the EBacc curriculum. The TS and SCITT have streamlined the number of ITT programmes we are offering in-order to meet the changes in curriculum and therefore the demand in specific subject specialists.

Leaders across the TS are now part of the SCITT strategic partnership and are inviting colleagues to become part of the monitoring and quality process eg colleagues are being appointed (through a rigorous selection process) as subject visiting tutors. The TS have a systematic approach in regards to succession planning by encouraging previous mentors to apply to become tutors. The TS has paired strong tutors with current mentors to support them in a future role.

The business model for the TS ITT is well established. The SCITT is currently in Year 0 and has a 5 year financial model based on the number of trainees recruited.

School Direct = 14 currently combination of primary and secondary

SCITT = 0 currently for 2016 – 2017 as this is Year zero we are a recently accredited provider

What are the places for 2018 onwards –

19 currently for School direct and 16 currently for the SCITT.

Target for both is 40 – 45 placements allocated.

Continued Professional development – CPD

The CPD model is reviewed annually and id developed to meet the needs of the TS and beyond.

The delivery of all CPD within the TS is distributed and linked closely to individual strengths. The range of system leaders within the alliance ensures that there is capacity to deliver CPD.

All programmes are evaluated and Quality assurance forms an integral part of the planning and delivery.

The TS responds to local and national demands. Below are some examples of how the TS has provided this:

THE Key – Spring 2017 edition

Robberttown CofE VC Junior and Infant School contributed to our article ‘Presenting progress data, pupils with SEN

The Pennine Teaching School Alliance provided 4 case studies.

Successful Equality and Diversity bids.

Response to the new NPQ framework.

Phase 2 of new NPQs  - awaiting confirmation of application submitted with WYTA.

Working with WYTA and YATS to work collaboratively and ensure Value for money to all members.

Moor End Academy is the Lead School for Schools Direct – the process to engage and recruit trainee teachers nationally.

The interview process for prospective ITT students has included group activities, a subject knowledge assessment, leaderless discussions, observations within the classroom and a formal interview. A combination of salaried and non salaried places have been offered and additional training opportunities for coaches and mentors for ITT students has taken place in host schools. Quality assurance of training has been gathered through standardised feedback form, collation of comments and feedback directly to the Teaching School.

The Teaching School works with the Huddersfield Horizon SCITT and Sheffield Hallam University.

Further Development 2017/18

The Teaching School will:

  • Continue to develop the profession
  • Promote and work on Schools Direct requested places for 2017/18

Continue to development School Direct programme with the Huddersfield Horizon SCITT and increase recruitment numbers to satisfy meeting local and regional needs.

  • Collaborate with other Teaching Schools to ensure value for money
  • Deliver further CPD/Leadership Development (Continuous Professional Development)
  • Continue to recruit system leaders and ensure quality through regular training opportunities
  • Become a provider of the delivery of the NPQs – bid decision pending
  • Lead on responding to local, regional and national agendas to support the schools within the alliance.
  • Promote a school led system
  • Continue to build capacity for quality school to school support