We are now accepting NQT Induction Registrations for 2018-19.The full programme can be booked using the NQT Registration Form. Alternatively, to book individual sessions or to book places on the Programme without registering an NQT, use the PD Programme Booking Form also available on the page. 

We offer two levels of support package and a professional development package, details of which can be found on the flyer. 

Administration and Support Cost per NQT. 

Package 1 £75 per term (or equivalent)

Package 2 £85 per term (or equivalent)

 Administration and Support Cost - for schools with several NQTs

Package 1 £500 for 1-6 NQTs, £600 for 7 - 12 NQTs, £700 for 13+ NQTs

Package 2 £600 for 1-6 NQTs, £700 for 7 - 12 NQTs, £800 for 13+ NQTs

This price covers the whole academic year regardless of the number of terms completed.

Training for new NQT Coordinators and/or Mentors is offered as part of all Administration and Support Packages.

Professional Development Package - per NQT

£160 per NQT for up to five NQTs. The cost for additional NQTs is £140 per NQT.

Individual sessions are available at £50 per NQT.

All prices are exclusive of VAT.